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I was super stoked about this Pololu Adventure Session.   I had been for weeks . . . . and the weather was just NOT cooperating!   The day before had super rainy with lots of localized flooding.  

As I made the long drive from the Hilo side of the island to Pololu Valley, I kept hoping for a break in the rain and wind, and I did see a few patches of blue sky.   But, by the time I arrived at the Pololu Valley Lookout, the wind was blowing and it was raining horizontally.   

Vaness and Finn were here from Australia after secretly being married a month (shhhh - it's a secret).    After talking with them for awhile, we decided to go ahead and give it a try, leaving the option open to head to Kona and do a session on one of the beautiful beaches (and it was sunny there).  

As we headed down the trail, none of us was feeling too confident about the conditions.   The trail itself was like a giant muddy slip and slide and about a 1/3 of the way we almost turned back, but Finn convinced us to go for it.

When we reached the river, we discovered that the ocean and river had decided to join together, so we all took our shoes and crossed the almost knee deep water to the other side.   We continued along barefoot to the other side of the beach where we started our session.   In between the bands of rain, we managed to get some amazing images of this wonderful couple.  

After re-crossing the river, we took a few more photos and headed back up the trail.   Just in time too, the rain and wind started picking up as we made our way up the mountain.   Everyone was super happy that we had decided to go ahead with the hike there.   

Congratulations Vanessa and Finn and thanks for being such intrepid adventurerers!

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