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Kona Surprise Vow Renewal | Old Airport Beach | Hawaii Big Island Photographer

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As a Big Island Family photographer, a majority of my clients are coming in on vacation and want to get photos taken in a beautiful Hawaii location.  

This session started out as a family session . . . . . a really LARGE family session, but still a family session.  The session was booked several months in advance, plenty of time to prep and find the perfect location.

Then I got a call from Tom. Tom wanted to surprise his wife Debbie with a vow renewal. Now I was really excited. I am somewhat like a small child and get a thrill out of surprising people.  So, with the help of Becky Ringler from Simple Kona Beach Weddings, we came up with a plan.  Becky was awesome and helped find a location that would accommodate 23 people and have a perfect spot for the vow renewal.   We wanted someplace that Debbie wouldn't be clued in as soon as they arrived for the photo session.  As the big day approached, we decided on Old Airport Beach, a place a lot more pretty than it's name.

Becky and I get to Old Airport early to get everything set up for the vow renewal.  And . . . . . everyone was early!   I made up a lame excuse to take Tom and Debbie aside so Becky could get everyone else in place with the help from Sheri Lynn at Kelilina Photography and Film.

After a few minutes of idle chatting, everything was ready.   As we walked down the path to the cove, Debbie started to catch on that something was up. While she didn't jump up and down with excitement (I admit - I love over reacting), she was surprised and happy.   Tom had kept this secret vow renewal from everyone in the family.

As a beautiful ceremony performed by Becky, we went on to do the family session that was originally planned.   Even with the large number of people, the session was a success.   Check out some of the photos below.

I loved working with this family.   Such a great group of people.   Fun and carefree - just my type.   

A special thanks to Sheri Lyn for helping me coordinate everyone and being the official lei holder and to Becky for being such a great partner in crime and helping me plan this surprise.  And I can't forget Ali'i Keanaaina for his wonderful music!

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