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Kaumana Caves – Location | Hilo Lava Tube | Hawaii Big Island Photography | Beyond the Box Photography

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Looking for a really unique location for a photo shoot without having to hike all day?   Near the heart of Hilo is Kaumana Caves.   Surprisely hidden from most, this pair of lava tubes is a great little adventure.

How Kauman Caves Came to Be

The Kaumana lava tube was formed by lava flow from Hawaii's Mauna Loa in 1881. The eruption of the giant volcano actually occurred on Nov. 5, 1880, but the lava continued its slow approach on Hilo through the first few months of 1881. The Kaumana lava tube was formed as the flow first descended the hills above Hilo and, after cooling, served as a major supply conduit for the lava that followed.

The Environment

A concrete staircase leads down into the skylight that forms the entrance to the caves. The section of the caves open to the public stretches for approximately 2 miles. Many areas near the entrance are lit by sunlight, but the cave is damp, cool and often muddy, with lots of vines, ferns and roots hanging down from the entranceway and the ceiling.   

The entrance to caves make for an interesting backdrop for photos.  Fpr the more adventurous, we can travel farther into the caves (and bringing lots of light) for a one of a kind session.

The farther you go inside the cave, the darker it becomes. This trek requires decent shoes and long pants, as well as lights and water for the walk.  Not suggested during  during heavy rains, because some sections have been known to overflow during periods of flooding.

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