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How early in the wedding-planning process should I book a wedding photographer?

The timing of booking a wedding photographer will depend on several factors.  First consider the time of year you’re getting married.  If your wedding will be during the summer months (June-August), on a holiday, or on another popular date, you may want to consider booking your photographer as early as 12 to 18 months in advance.  If you’ve decided to have Beyond the Box Photography for your wedding photographer BEFORE you have booked your wedding venue, you can email me to confirm availability before signing the contract with the venue.  In any event, it’s reccomended to book your photographer at least 8-10 months in advance.

When do you arrive & leave on the wedding day?

I will work with you in order to set up the best timeline for your wedding.  I prefer to arrive several hours before the ceremony to shoot the bride and groom details.  After the ceremony and formals, I like to get in reception area to shoot the reception setup.  After the reception events, like the dances, toasts and cake cutting I spend time taking candid photos of the guests and the celebration.

Do you photograph during the dinner?

No.  While I like to capture some images of the meals, I do not actually take photos of the guests eating.  I use this time to catch up on taking any detail images we may not have shot yet and to take a small amount of time to eat.

Are our guests allowed to take pictures at the wedding?

We understand that your friends and family are excited to attend your wedding and many will want to take their own pictures. We are happy for them to do so as long as it does not interfere with our duty to capture your day. For example, a guest who steps out into the aisle during the ceremony to get a picture, may interfere with that priceless photo of your dad walking you down the aisle.  Or, a guest taking pictures next to us during the wedding formals may cause you or others in the photo to look toward their camera instead of mine.  If this is something that concerns you, you may want to consider an “unplugged wedding” and ask your guests to put away their cameras, cell phones, ipads, etc. until after the ceremony.  For more information about “unplugged weddings”, see http://offbeatbride.com/2011/06/unplugged-wedding 

How long do the “formals” take?

Formals should take around an hour (usually between the ceremony and the reception) Actual time needed is dependent on the size of the family and who you want formal pictures with. Some couples want pictures with every guest, while others only want pictures with select people to save time. We recommend something in between.

When is payment due?

The initial deposit of 50%  is due upon contract signing to hold your wedding date.  Although the initial deposit is due in one payment, the remaining balance can be paid off over time.  The entire balance is due 2 full weeks prior to your wedding day.

Do you do touch ups or airbrushing?

Yes. Every single photo that you order or that is in your product (album, wall art, etc.) will be hand retouched and edited. No one is perfect. No one has perfect skin and we all need a little help. The faces on the covers of magazines and in the media, ALL have been retouched. However, it’s important to me that my clients never look plastic. So while I do soften skin, remove blemishes (and scars) and bags under the eyes, (and whiten teeth if necessary), I try to still leave a very natural feel to the image. I also never alter someone’s body unless there is an odd bulge because of a particular position they are in or something like that. Then I will shape the skin in that particular area to make it look more natural.

Can you make me look younger/ thinner?

I could, but it would take me ages (yes, that pun was intentional). The amount of time it would take to make those changes would incur extra charges too.

How many images can we expect to receive?

Approximately 75-100 edited images per coverage hour.

Can I make copies of my wedding images?

Absolutely! I encourage you to make multiple backup copies of your images.  If a family member would like a copy of your USB, they can order a copy from the online gallery.  This way, a print release form will be made for them to allow printing for their personal use. 

Can I post my wedding photographs on Facebook, Instagram, etc?

Of course! I am thrilled that you want to show off your images! Included on your USB of images is a WEB folder with web-ready images for you to share and post online.  We ask that you do not modify the image (cropping) and please provide photo credit to Beyond the Box Photography and/or Debi Buck.  

Can we send some of our favorite images to our other vendors?

I am thrilled that you are happy with your photos and would like to share them with your other wedding vendors.  We include a folder of WEB images that are watermarked and you are welcome to share any of these images with other vendors as long as the watermark is displayed.  If any vendors require an un-watermarked or high-resolution image for printing, please have them contact me.  

Can we print our own Images?

Can you?   Yes.   In general – this is not a good idea though.

Beyond the Box Photography offers a wide range of products and services for our clients. Many hours of work go into each individual finished image; and we control the production process end-to-end to ensure quality. Unfortunately, some people believe the companies offering print-only services produce identical quality. They do not. Also the prices they charge are for mass-produced, machine made, produced to the lowest-common-denominator product. That is the exact opposite of what we create here. Beyond the Box Photography only uses high quality professional photo labs to produce your products.  These labs use paper and ink of the highest quality which are meant to last for generations.  Cheap ink and paper fade quickly.

Still, there are some who want to print for themselves, and while we do not encourage it; high resolution images are included in all wedding packages.

 Do you give the client the printing rights to the pictures?

Yes! I give my clients permission to print their photos. Also, my high resolution files are always free of any watermark or logo.

Do you have online galleries?

Online galleries are included for family and friends to view and order images.  The gallery is posted after the Image Premier and Ordering Session and is available for 4 weeks.

Can you send me all the unedited photos?

 No.   I never give out unedited photos.   An unedited photo is like an unfinished product, and who wants to pay for one of those?  You wouldn’t go to a restaurant and ask for the ingredients.   Same thing.  As the photographer only a small portion of my job is taking the photos. A majority of my time is spent in post processing the photo (editing, retouching, etc.) so it looks professional and reflects my style as an artist.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes! I can accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and PayPal.  I do NOT however, accept checks.

Do you sell products or do I have to get them printed myself?

Beyond the Box Photography is a full service studio.  We offer the highest-quality products to help you carry your experience with you long after your session is over. Our product line includes fine art albums, exquisite folio boxes, nightstand portraits, wrapped canvas prints, metal prints, and more.  There is a an extra 15% discount for any products ordered at the time you book your date.

I would like a copy of the wedding album for my parents / grandparents.  How would this work?

Additional albums for parents or grandparents is a miniature duplicate of your main wedding album, or it may be a custom wedding album designed just for them.  Let us know if you are interested in this as we have several options available.

How much will I spend on my photos?

At Beyond the Box Photography we occasionally hear “How much is an 8 x 10?”. In reality, what you’re probably wondering is “How much am I going to spend on my pictures?” How much you spend will vary dramatically depending on your wants and needs. Our clients tend to average around $500-$1500 on their Portraits. Does everyone spend that much? No. Some spend less, some spend more.

The amount of your investment depends on what you are looking for:

  • Metal prints & canvas wraps
  • Albums or Folio Boxes
  • Prints for your home & office
  • Gift portraits for Family & Friends

If you share your needs with us we can best guide you in the direction to stay within your budget.