Hawaii Portrait Photography

For Engagements, Anniversaries, Couples and Families

There are moments in everyone’s life that we want to remember.  Engagements, anniversaries, that first maternity photo or even just that super special vacation.  When you go to look at those photos years from now are you going to go digging around looking for your vintage iPhone from 2018 and a power charger so you can relive those memories and end up crying instead because you can’t get the phone to turn on?   I hope not.

Most of my clients are going to be able to see their photos in their photo books or on the framed photos hanging on the wall.   Before you know it, everything has changed because that is just the nature of life.

People put a lot of work into finding a wedding photographer because they have to. They know that day only happens once.   But the same is true for every occasion, even every day. Our children are only young once. We have a 10th anniversary only once. We aren't getting any younger. They aren't getting any littler. It's all flying by at a breakneck speed.

ALL sessions include:

  • Personalized Location Ideas
  • Tips, tricks and Ideas
  • Full resolution digital image files with printing rights
  • Online photo gallery to share with your friends and family

Voyager Sessions

Voyager sessions are sessions that take place outside of the great state of HAWAII . Beyond the Box Photography calls the Big Island of Hawaii home. This is where my family, friends and daily lives are. However, traveling afar to capture your story, absolutely thrills me.

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Adventurer Sessions

Adventure sessions are sessions that take place inside of the state of HAWAII. Beyond the Box Photography calls Hawaii home base. I am so lucky to have a state with such vast beauty and diversity!
Adventurer Sessions are epic photo shoot adventures. We hike somewhere really awesome (maybe the lava field, a mountain top or a secluded beach). We have a great time taking one of a kind photos. I will tell you what to do. And I may fall over things to make you smile – but I promise not to fall in hot lava or off a mountain.

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Classic Sessions

Classic sessions are the sessions we do at a park, a beach or a family home. Someplace beautiful or meaningful that you get to dress up in something flattering and comfortable. With the sun shimmering all around us, you hang out. I tell you what to do.

Even the guys do OK with this because I'm not into super corny shots. If you can walk, spin and tell your right from your left, you can do this. I fall over things just to get a real smile. I do this for you. Not because I'm clumsy or anything.

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Why settle for the same old portrait?   The Big Island and all the Hawaii islands, offers unique and incomparable beauty in a variety of locations.   Where you choose, should be based on your personality.   If an iconic sunset beach portrait is what you are looking for, there are an endless number of beaches to choose from.   If you are the adventurous sort, there is something here for that too.   From cliffside ocean views, mountain tops, waterfalls or even next to the lava flow.   There is something for everyone.

Beyond the Box Photography is not an everyday Hawaii photography service.   I will help you every step of the way to make sure your portrait session experience is as memorable as you and your loved ones.  

Serving your photography needs anywhere on the Big Island, the Hawaiian islands, the mainland and beyond.  Creative, fun, laid back and adventurous.   Beyond the Box Photography is full service photography catered to you.

My style is a unique mix of candid and traditional photography.   Capturing your story so you can relive your moments over and over again.