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As a wedding photographer, I’ve seen quite a few things go on at weddings – the good, the bad, the ugly.

  1. A bad DJ can ruin your wedding reception – a good one can make it magical.   And, just because your cousin’s friend has offered to do your wedding cheap – don’t do it without examples and/or references.   The number one regret I hear from couples is hiring a cheap DJ or letting a “friend” do it.   Remember they are the entertainment.  If they aren’t doing a good job, then no one is having fun.
  2. Light matters.   Yes, your orange and purple wedding colors are pretty, but you don’t want that to be the only light at your reception.   White light is important to photographers – especially during the first dance.   Unless you want to look like a grape in your photos.
  3. Make sure where you have your reception leaves you and your guests (and your photographer) room to walk.   Room to dance would be nice too.
  4. Take the time to have a rehearsal.  When people don’t know what they’re doing, it tends to get chaotic.
  5. If you have bride’s maids and a maid of honor – make sure they know what is expected of them so they don’t leave when you need them.  I’m sure this goes for groomsmen as well, though I’ve never seen a problem with them.
  6. DIY is great – just don’t expect to have time to do everything yourself the day of the wedding because it’s only going to stress you out.
  7. Ask your wedding party to stay sober before the ceremony.   I don’t have to explain this one . . . do I?
  8. Wedding vendors:   Make sure you interview them and ask around and get other people’s opinion of them.   No one can ever please everyone and you can’t always believe everything you hear, but hearing bad stuff from several people AFTER you’ve already signed a contract is not a good thing.  Don’t just hire someone because they’re cheap.  Yes, weddings are expensive, but you’ll remember a bad DJ, horrible caterer, or bad photographer a lot longer than you’ll remember paying for quality.

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