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Tips for Great Family Photos

In general, holidays are the  time of year when families get together more.   Relatives come in from near and far.   You get to see people you haven’t seen since the last big holiday.  This may be the only time you get all of those people together at the same time, and it is a perfect time to take some family photos.   Time passes quickly – take family photos.   It is a simple fact of life that we are not on this world forever – make sure to take the time to capture those memories.   While I encourage you to hire a professional photographer for this, any photos are better than no photos.   

Whether you have a professional take your photos or just a friend with a camera, these tips will help you ensure you get some good photos:

  1. Don’t all wear matching clothes.   Coordinated clothing is so much better than everyone wearing a white shirt and khaki pants.
  2. Avoid trendy clothing.    Remember the 80’s.   Does anyone still dress like that?  For the most part, no.   Classic clothes are best for photos.
  3. Neon colors are not photo friendly.   They create a color cast on the skin that is usually not very pretty . . . . especially orange.  Orange is brutal.
  4. Don’t face the sun.   If possible stand with your back to the sun.   This prevents squinting in the photos.
  5. Look directly at the camera – not just the general direction.  The difference between a good photo and a great photo is connection.
  6. Relax – those smiles that everyone puts on just for photos – they look fake (well, because they are).   Great photos require that you relax a bit and be yourself.   Harder to do when the dreaded camera is pointing at you, but trust me, it is worth the end result.   Take an extra bit of time if needed to joke around and laugh.   That’s where the real smiles are and it will create great memories.

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