You are unique. Your laugh, your smile – is distinctively you. Your story is one of a kind and your photos should be too. You don’t want just ordinary photos. You want pretty, but you want unique.  You want WOW!  Your photographs need to capture your special moment in time so well, that you can feel that moment all over again every time you look at them.

Whether you want to elope, have an intimate wedding or just want special photos of you and your loved one(s), I'll work with you to create the kind of images that tell your unique story and show your one of a kind personality. We’ll keep the process easygoing and fun. When you are relaxed, the photos will show your true personality and genuine smiles. None of the fake "camera smile" that you get when people are uncomfortable. Whether you need to capture your engagement photos, a surprise proposal, wedding or just a family gathering, Beyond the Box Photography will give you the best photos and the best experience possible.

Check out the info below on the services offered.  Available on all Hawaiian Islands and Beyond.  Have an idea, but don't see exactly what you are looking for?   Contact me and let's plan something awesome!

Hawaii Destination Wedding Photographer


As a bride, there are a lot of choices. You chose the one you want to spend your life with and now. So. Many. Choices. Follow.

Full blown wedding or elopement?  Bridesmaids? Groomsmen? Destination? A beach ceremony at sunset or mountain top?  Who’s going to marry you? How are we paying for this? The dress. Guests or no guests? The guest list. My family. His family. My friends. His friends. Joy. Meltdown. The dress. The list seems neverending.

And. . .  you don’t have a photographer yet.

Yet you have to. You know that the only thing that you will have to remember your wedding are the photos of that special day.  You want beautiful photos of one of the most important days of your life. You want to look natural and normal and the best, most lovely version of yourself. You have your own sense of style.  You want pretty. But you also want it to be unique.  You want WOW!

However you envision your day—every moment of your wedding is beautiful and deserves to be documented so well that you can relive those memories every time you look at your photos. 

As your photographer,  I get to know you as a couple and I am a resource during your planning process.  I will help guide you through the biggest adventure of your lives. I capture every single moment creatively and have so much fun during every second of it.

Every elopement and wedding includes:

  • ALL edited photos at High Resolution delivered via digital download
  • Location Scouting and Customized Recommendations
  • Timeline and Planning Guidance
  • Online Gallery & Mobile App
  • Highlight Reel
  • Customized creation of any prints, products and albums you may want.

Let’s get in touch with each other and create an amazing adventure together. 

Elopements, Adventure Elopements & Intimate Weddings

Elopement stories are unique to each couple and can range from a couple hours to full day coverage. We can spend all day hiking up a mountain, to a remote beach, on the lava fields, or simply have a private ceremony in a beautiful tropical location. 

Elopements and Intimate Weddings start at $550

Adventure Elopements start at $1679

As a Hawaii elopement photographer, I can offer unique & customized location suggestions if you need ideas! There are endless stunning spots to elope on the Big Island of Hawaii. 

Full Weddings

A beautiful venue, decorations, all the family and friends, an amazing reception planned.   For when you just need that full fairy tale wedding.   Packages start at $1799


I only do a limited number of elopements and weddings a year, so book early if possible. 

Email me at [email protected]. Call or text to 808-313-0479 . Or fill out the Contact form by clicking the button below.

Hawaii Destination Portrait Photographer


There are moments in everyone’s life that we want to remember.  Engagements, anniversaries, that first maternity photo or even just that super special vacation.  When you go to look at those photos years from now are you going to go digging around looking for your vintage iPhone from 2018 and a power charger so you can relive those memories and end up crying instead because you can’t get the phone to turn on?   I hope not.

Most of my clients are going to be able to see their photos in their photo books or on the framed photos hanging on the wall.   Before you know it, everything has changed because that is just the nature of life.

People put a lot of work into finding a wedding photographer because they have to. They know that day only happens once.   But the same is true for all of us. Our children are only young once. We have a 10th anniversary only once. We aren't getting any younger. They aren't getting any littler. It's flying by. 

Don't wait too long. If you're feeling shy, at least bring me your children. 

Standard Portrait Session

These are the sessions we do at a park, a beach or a family home.  Someplace beautiful or meaningful that you get to dress up in something flattering and comfortable. With the sun shimmering all around us, you hang out. I tell you what to do. 

Even the guys do OK with this because I'm not into super corny shots.  If you can walk, spin and tell your right from your left, you can do this. 

I fall over things just to get a real smile. I do this for you. Not because I'm clumsy or anything. 

Prices start at $479 for a full session and $325 for a mini session.

Adventure Sessions

For engagements, couples, and anniversaries.  Typically not a session that you take your great grandma to.   

These are epic photoshoot adventures.   We hike somewhere really awesome (maybe the lava field, a mountain top or a secluded beach).   We have a great time taking one of a kind photos.  I will still tell you what to do.  And I may still fall over things to make you smile – but I promise not to fall in hot lava or off a mountain. 

Prices start at $679


Email me at [email protected]. Call or text to 808-313-0479 . Or fill out the Contact form by clicking the button below.

Hawaii Conceptual Portrait Photography

Concept Art Photography – 
because everyone has a story to tell.

Whether that story is based in reality or from the depths of your creativity it doesn’t matter. This is no way near a typical photo session. It is telling your story visually – creating art.

 Your Concept Art Photography session will help you take your concept or theme and turn it into a creative session that will showcase it. From finding the perfect location, creating storyboards, and wardrobe design, I will help every step of the way to create the perfect visual story. These concept art photography sessions are tailored to each person and the story that they want to portray and tend to be a whole lot of fun! This is a creative experience you will never forget!


Prices will vary based on the complexity of the project. Contact me to discuss your creative vision. 


Email me at [email protected]. Call or text to 808-313-0479 . Or fill out the Contact form by clicking the button below.