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Hey there.  How are you doing?

You’ve been busily planning.   Where to go, what to do . . . and it’s all just a little much.   Too much planning, too much time working on something that is supposed to be fun.   Shouldn’t this be easy?   Shouldn’t traveling be just a joyous adventure without all the work?

You want beautiful photos. But . . . getting your picture taken makes you a little nervous. Going out and paying somebody to do something that makes you nervous is making you even more nervous.

Yet you have to. You want beautiful photos to remember this by.  You want to look natural and normal and the best, most lovely version of yourself. But what you see out there scares you a little. This is 2017. Why is so much photography still so awkward and fake and cheesy? And when it’s not, it’s over-edited and dreary.  And why are there so many photographers doing the same thing? That certainly doesn’t make this any easier.

Welcome to Beyond the Box Photography. Settle in and chill a bit.

I can’t promise perfect weather.   Or that your little one will be in a happy mood. (It would be awesome if they were, though.)  But what I can promise you is no cheese.

This is a 100% cheese-free photography service. No awkward poses. No leaping into the air. No fist pumps. No fake looks of surprise. No stiff smooches. Guaranteed. You are classy. So am I.

I can also promise you 0% added stress. I am a grown-up human and will treat you as such. I’ll listen to you and only you. I hear what you might not even know how to say. I am open and keep it simple, from my prices to what to expect. 

I strive to make your destination photography both relaxing and fun.  Life’s best memories are captured when there is a balance between laughter, comfort, joy and lots of fun. 

This moment in time will just fly by.   Everything is going to go great.  You’re going to have great time, everyone will be happy and too soon it will be done. 

And when it comes to your photography, it’s not just going to be OK.

It’s going to be fabulous.  Believe it or not, it’s going to be fun.

End the suspense. Email me at [email protected]. Call or text to 808-313-0479 . Or fill out the Contact form by clicking the button below.

If you're interested, but just looking around, check out the galleries. You can see more examples of what I do.  Want to know what other people have said?   Check out their reviews here

I am a Hawaii photographer based on Hawai’i Island and frequently photograph in Kailua-Kona, Hilo , Waikola, and Waimea (Kamuela), but will enthusiastically travel ANYWHERE in the world!

Hawaii photographer Debi Buck

The name “Beyond the Box” reflects my style. It’s a way of thinking outside of the “box” in order to create photographs of your special day that are a unique mix of artistic and photojournalistic. My goal is capture your story in a way that will have you reliving the memories, the joy, the laughter and even the tears all over again.

To me, photography is a form of art and I love creating images that reflect the personalities of the people I work with (and I have the absolute best clients!). I am passionate about giving my clients the absolute best experience and results.

I customize the experience to meet your needs, and work with you throughout the whole process. When you call, you'll talk to me; when you email, I will be the one following up with you. Whether you are interested in a portrait session, a beauty portrait, concept art portrait, boudoir session or wedding photography, I'll help you make the most of your experience.

Hawaii based destination wedding photographer and portrait photographer.  Engagement photography.   Surprise Proposals.    Elopement weddings.  Professionally trained and experienced Hawaii photographer. Based on Hawai’i Island.  Available for ALL Hawaii Islands and worldwide. Long standing member of the Professional Photographers of America and the Hawaii Island Wedding Association