Why Hire Me?

Why hire me? As a Hawaii photographer, I pride myself in capturing more than just my client’s likeness – I capture personalities and memories.   This exact moment in time, will never occur again.   Whether that moment is your wedding, engagement, proposal or family photos – I strive to capture the feeling of that moment and preserving that memory so you can look back on it time and time again.

In a digital age where almost everybody owns a smart phone with a camera, people wonder, “Why should I hire a professional photographer?” and “All you do is push a button – why does it cost so much?”  Like any quality products or services out there, good photography is expensive because it is not easy to create. Bad photography is even more expensive those memories can never be recaptured. If you do not like your photos, you have wasted your time, money and memories.

When you hire a professional photographer to capture your memories, you are not just paying for someone to “push a button.”  You are paying for their expertise, artistic talent, experience and time to ensure that your memories will be captured perfectly and professionally – the first time.

When you hire Beyond the Box Photography, I provide you:


Besides the time photographing at the session, there is an additional minimum of 10+ hours of behind-the-scenes work that the client does not see—here is a general breakdown of my time per session:

1 -3 hours – Location scouting and meeting with other vendors (for weddings)

1 hour – Permissions and permits.   Many locations around Hawaii require permits to photograph there.

1-3 hours – Session time.   In the case of weddings, up to 12 hours of photo coverage.

8-20 hours – Upload and back up photos. Cull and edit photos (color correction, toning and retouching). If your images includes technically difficult shots, composite work or complex edits, then more time is needed in Photoshop.

2 – 3 hours – Set up the online gallery. Process retouching requests, final check for quality, prepare images for digital delivery.

4-5 hours – Product preparation.   For orders of prints & wall art, ensuring size and resolution, color matching with professional lab, inspection of products received from photo lab and delivery to client.   Albums require additional time for drafts, revisions and quality checks.

As you can see, the time spent for one session can range greatly. Professional photography is time and labor intensive.   Because of the time required to ensure only the absolute best images for you, I only accept a few sessions per month.   I also only will do one session per day to make sure that I can focus entirely on your special moments.


To give you professional quality images, I use professional-grade equipment—cameras, lenses, lighting, computer and software.
And, I always carry backups. Although cameras out there are very good, consumer cameras do not match the quality of a professional camera.


I have been a professional photographer for over 6 years and have experience photographing weddings, portraits, and conceptual art.   As a professional photographer, I know how to use my camera to get the proper exposure, focus and composition, as well as know how to light and pose my clients properly. I enhance the distinctive images that I take at the session with a professional photo-editing software using my own unique style. I am formally educated in professional photography and maintain my knowledge and skills by attending workshops and on-line courses. I am also a proud member of Professional Photographers of America and the Hawaii Island Wedding Association.


While I take my job seriously, I strive to make each photography session relaxing and fun for you. Life’s best memories are captured when there is a balance between laughter, comfort, joy and lots of fun. I go out of my way to make sure that you not only have beautiful photographs to preserve your memories, but that the entire experience for you is pleasurable. Don’t just take my word for it, check out what my clients say about me here.

Interested in booking a session? Have more questions? Please contact me via email [email protected] or the Contact form so we can chat!