Concept Art Photography – because everyone has a story to tell.

Whether that story is based in reality or from the depths of your creativity it doesn’t matter. This is no way near a typical photo session. It is telling your story visually – creating art.
Beyond the Box Photography will help you take your concept or theme and design a session that will showcase it. From finding the perfect location, creating storyboards, and wardrobe design. I will help every step of the way to create the perfect visual story. These concept art photography sessions are tailored to each person and their story that they want to portray and tend to be a whole lot of fun! This is an experience you will never forget!
Because of the unique nature of these portraits, the price listed below is a starting point and a very rough estimate. Prices will vary based on the complexity of the project. Contact me to discuss your vision.
Session fees include a customized session – from assisting with selecting your wardrobe, planning the location (s), to discussing what type of art work you want and what would best suit your style, professional hair and makeup, planning and equipment preparation, session time and expert touch ups, image enhancement and post processing of the images after the session.

Starting at